oh. you want to know about me!? im flattered!

my interests
⋆ HLVRAI + half-life
⋆ sanrio
⋆ moomins
⋆ minecraft
⋆ early internet culture
⋆ roblox
⋆ animaljam
⋆ toys (lps, beanie babies)
⋆ lemon demon, mindless self indulgence, toxic lipstick and other bands!

im just a little funny dude. 5teen, he/him.
i go by benny/kori/benrey! people who dont like me prefer to call me "bitchface" though :)
i make digital + traditional art, weird youtube videos and sometimes i write fanfic. i also
have a cat :) (pictures of him in gallery)

i have an epic swag boyfriend and i love him so much. harvey if ur reading this ur gay as hell. thats okay though. stop being british though. mwah ^^

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⋆ i share my birthday with ms. hello kitty!
⋆ i kin benrey from hlvrai, denki from bnha, and moomintroll from moomins!
⋆ i really like this website
⋆ my cat enjoys eating bugs and other fun things, like the carpet!
⋆ ive only committed arson ONCE... its not that bad.
⋆ for some reason i have nostalgia for things ive never experienced,
and its painful. i wish i had a time machine.
⋆ im not human.

Two trucks having sex (oh yes)
Two trucks having sex (oh yes)
My muscles (uh!), my muscles (uh!)
Involuntarily flex

Two trucks, having sex (oh yes)
Two trucks, having sex (oh yes)
My muscles (uh!), my muscles (uh!)
Involuntarily! Huh! Flex!
(Ya he ya he ya he ya he ya he ya)